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News & views

Announcements, editorials, and insights from the global orthopaedic and spine industry

dvr Latest news The latest news and events from the orthopaedic and spine industries.

Agents vs. Employees in the UK Orthopaedic and Spine Industry
Agents vs. Employees in the UK Orthopaedic and Spine Industr...

There appears to be a trend among companies towards using fewer employed sales representatives and more self-employed agents. An obvious re...

18-01-2016 - Matt Woods

Vancouver winters: Environmental influence on inpatient adul...

Abstract Objective: To compare the pattern of adult inpatient orthopaedic injuries admitted at three Vancouver hospitals...

07-01-2016 - Matt Woods

Brace Orthopaedic launches Step-On
Brace Orthopaedic launches Step-On

Client and member of OrthoConnections, Brace Orthopaedic, has today launched Step-On, a new unique range of innovative a...

04-10-0201 - Matt Woods

message Latest Views The latest articles from our expert team, our industry advisors, and guest writers.

Embracing Social Media is More Important Now Than Ever Before
Embracing Social Media is More Important Now Than Ever Befor...

As we move into a busy a few weeks of exhibitions and conferences, I wanted to explore why embracing social media is more important now than ever b...

15-08-2018 - Tom Edwards

Recruiting Outside the United States (OUS)
Recruiting Outside the United States (OUS)

For many US-based medical device companies, hiring to grow your team and reach outside of the USA can be daunting. If your next business strategy i...

07-08-2018 - Fiona Walters

Innovation in Orthopaedics
Innovation in Orthopaedics

Although there is a continued rise of the giant companies in Medical Devices it seems that the truly innovative and clinical breakthrough products...

06-08-2018 - Andrew Dubowski

What is Healthcare Informatics?
What is Healthcare Informatics?


29-05-2018 - Fiona Walters

Why Linkedin Is Important For Business
Why Linkedin Is Important For Business

Did you know nearly 1 million people started using social media for the first time every day over the past year? That’s 11 new users joi...

06-03-2018 - Tom Edwards

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