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News & views

Announcements, editorials, and insights from the global orthopaedic and spine industry

today Published on 07-08-2018

Recruiting Outside the United States (OUS)

Recruiting Outside the United States (OUS)

For many US-based medical device companies, hiring to grow your team and reach outside of the USA can be daunting. If your next business strategy is to build your team in EMEA, Australasia or Asia, what factors do you need to consider?

1. Prioritise where you want to hire first and into what function(s).

For example, if your market entry focus is in EMEA, it makes sense to identify talent with experience in that geography, and likely based in that geography.

Make sure you choose an executive search partner with local market knowledge; at Ortho Consulting Group we have extensive experience internationally, at a senior executive level, across all business functions.

2. You will need to offer a competitive compensation package and benefits for the region and position, this is likely to differ from US-based roles.

Ortho Consulting Group will be able to map the market to provide salary/benefit benchmark information.

3. Create a clear person specification and job description.

The Ortho Consulting Group team can provide guidance on this process and have advised their clients in formulating these documents on many occasions.

4. Tailor your messaging.

Know how to reach relevant overseas executive candidates with your recruiting messages, and be sure to sell your company and the experience of working for you.

Ortho Consulting Group has a highly experienced team, who will work in genuine partnership with you to promote your brand and opportunities. With a dedicated Marketing Manager, Ortho Consulting Group can successfully market your company, and open senior vacancies via a range of channels to ensure hiring success.

5. Have a clear, time-specific hiring process.

Be clear from the outset on how the process will run, how many steps there will be, and what the hiring deadline will be. This maximizes candidate engagement and keeps the process on track.

For advice on additional screening tools and interview techniques, Ortho Consulting Group can help. We are certified PPA practitioners.

6. Engage with one recruiter, who is experienced in partnering with US medical device companies and growing OUS teams.

Ortho Consulting Group is a search partner with a track record in your sector and can deliver the results you need.

7. Always have clear, open communication channels with your search partner and candidates.

One of the biggest challenges in executive search is keeping communication channels open. It's critical to manage candidate expectations to ensure that your company is viewed in the highest regard during the process. Ortho Consulting Group can take the lead on project managing executive search projects to save your time.

8. Seek local HR advice if appropriate during the hiring process.

International employment laws vary greatly. Ortho Consulting Group has access to experienced HR consultants for exactly this reason, who can assist our clients directly.

9. Prepare to make the investment. Be ready to invest money in supporting your overseas executives.

You may find yourself having to be more flexible than you expected with benefits and support activities because of their geographical location away from head office, but this shows your commitment to the employee, which will solidify retention. Plan to invest in recruiting and retaining that person.

If you are currently recruiting Outside of the United States and looking to grow your team in EMEA, Australasia or Asia please contact us today for an initial conversation on 0203 011 5574 or via info@orthocg.com