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About us

Our goal is to make the orthopaedic industry more connected.

We aim to provide orthopaedic and spine companies with a platform to advertise their business needs, find new leads and new contacts, and grow their sales channels.

We work with both sides of the orthopaedic industry.

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info Orthoconnections member split, July 2017.

Orthoconnections member split, February 2019.

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We built our business based on industry feedback.

Originally established as an industry-specific executive search company, we evolved into the global advertising and business networking platform that we are today.

Our story

  • 2010

    Orthoconnections founded

    Identifying the need for high quality, industry-specific search consultancy, Matt Woods creates Orthoexecutive.

    Matt adds his first team member, as Fiona Walters joins as Director.

  • 2011

    Overseas expansion

    Business buzz grows: first management placements made in Australian and German markets.

  • 2012

    Rapid growth

    Orthoconnections concept first iteration is born from a successful consultancy project partnering with UK startup.

    Matt creates Linkedin group for Orthoconnections to investigate demand for the service - group quickly grows to 5,000+ industry based followers.

    Fiona & Matt attend AAOS Annual meeting as Orthoconections for the first time.

    Orthoexecutive place first EMEA International VP placement for US Startup.

    Matt & Fiona successfully build entire senior management team and sales force for UK spine distributor.

  • 2014

    Official launch

    Orthoconnections service officially launches after over two years of client requests for help in finding new international sales channels: company objective is to help companies grow by aiding them in advertising their requirements, and providing access to industry-specific, qualified orthopaedic and spine distributor and manufacturer database.

    Orthoexecutive and Orthoconnections begin to work in tandem with each other: providing a one-stop solution for orthopaedic business expansion.

  • 2015

    Website launch

    The need for a better way to communicate and advertise distribution opportunities results in new Orthoconnections website; membership hits 300 within 3 months.

    Orthoconnections asked to complete market research project as a result of impressive industry expertise.

    Orthoconnections builds new sales channels in EMEA for extremity client.

  • 2016

    Orthoexecutive wins award

    Orthoexecutive named Best International Spine & Orthopaedic Executive Search Agency 2016.

    Orthoconnections identify 12 new global sales channels for clients via Orthoconnections website.

    Georgina Dawson joins the team. Bringing digital marketing expertise to Orthoconnections, expanding and upgrading online services.

  • 2017

    Global expansion

    Orthoconnections is active globally in over 70 countries, attending some of the largest medical trade shows in the world.

    Orthoconnections gets an upgrade. New website is launched, with increased services and better functionality.

  • 2018

    Ortho Consulting Group Launched

    Ortho Consulting Group Ltd officially launched in February 2018.

  • 2018

    31 International Flights

    Ortho Consulting Group breaks its own record with 31 international flights attending conferences and congress in 2018, including AAOS, Efort, Eurospine, NASS and Medica .

  • 2019

    Arab Health

    Orthoconnections exhibit at Arab Health in Dubai for the first time, meeting new distributors and manufacturers from UAE and Asia Pacific.

  • 2019

    AAOS 2019

    Orthoconnections exhibit for the 6th time at the AAOS Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, USA.

Our team is made up of industry experts

Matt Woods

Matt Woods Founder Orthoexecutive & Orthoconnections

Matt has been working across the orthopaedic and spine industry since 2005. Gaining direct orthopaedic experience prior to launching the ‘Ortho Group’ of companies has been fundamental to his success. Matt’s current focus is assisting SME/Startups in expanding internationally. 

Fiona Walters

Fiona Walters Director Orthoexecutive & Orthoconnections

Fiona has worked in the orthopaedic medical device industry for 18 years. The past 7 years have been spent specialising in Executive Search, focused in Senior Sales and Marketing positions in EMEA and Asia-Pacific. 

Polly White

Polly White Business Manager, Orthoconnections

Polly is a communications expert with over 15 years' experience of internal and external communication. She supports orthopaedic manufacturers in raising their profile across our distributor network.

The easiest way for orthopaedic manufacturers and distributors to connect
UK Distributor

Orthoconnections present a unique proposition which short cuts the challenging task for manufacturers to find the right distribution partner in countries around the world. This service has worked perfectly for us, and as a result we now have the start of another exciting partnership.

UK Distributor

UK Distributor

I am convinced that the services they offer my business will enable us to stay at the forefront of the industry in the UK.

UK Distributor

SportsMed Manufacturer

The opportunity adverts and company profile listings have been of great use whilst launching our new products.

SportsMed Manufacturer

VP of Global Marketing

Business now is all about connection and community and Orthoconnections exemplify these requirements.

VP of Global Marketing

Interested in joining the Orthoconnections community?

Network, research, develop, and grow your product portfolio.